Talkgast beim Assitej Weltkongress

Schön wars dabei zu sein und mit so vielen internationalen Gästen über meine Arbeit sprechen zu dürfen!

Directing a play is a transformative experience. What is a Director’s role in the collective, transformative process from paper to stage or from research and rehearsal to premiere? How does the idea of a Director change in today’s and tomorrow’s Theatre? We have asked directors from Germany and Japan to share their answers and ideas with us. Everyone is invited to join the discussion and find new directions for and in Theatre for Young Audiences.

ASSITEJ Germany has been hosting DIRECTORS IN TYA – an International Exchange (International Directors’ Seminar) since 1976. The initial idea was to enable individuals (freelance Directors as well as Directors linked to institutions) to connect across borders and to reflect on their work as Directors. This idea has remained at the centre of DIRECTORS IN TYA which invites Theatre Artists from all over the world to come together for a week – without the aim of a production or a public presentation – to discuss central issues of TYA, get to know each other, delve into differences and similarities, and find links across borders. We would like to celebrate this long-lasting project in the context of the ASSITEJ World Congress and we would like to invite a global reflection on ideas of Directing and directorship and how these are changing.

Speakers: Hannah Biedermann & Theo Fransz (Germany), Yuna Koyama & Kenjiro Otani (Japan). Graphic recording: Johanna Benz.
Facilitators: Stefan Fischer-Fels, Julia Dina Hesse, and others.